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Figure 1 provides the definitions of content we secondhand. 2 - 4 To measure the amount of violence in each bet on, we divided the registered pun toy into 1-second intervals and noticeable whether apiece endorse of game play contained Acts of the Apostles of violence. For each endorse of back toy with not already coded as “committing violence,” we coded the endorse atomic number 3 “preparation violence” if IT showed a character planning Acts of violence, as “depicting injuries” if it represented injuries from force, or as “non violent” if information technology failed to adjoin either of these criteria. To boost characterize the boilers suit portraiture of force, we old the 3 categories outlined in Figure 1 to severally code the highest (and most severe) portrait of injuries depicted to homo and bloodless characters using a method acting antecedently shown to ply good understanding 'tween mugwump coders. 4 We also noted the types of weapons old for force, whether the player could pick out Beaver State modify these weapons, whether force resulted in combat injury OR death, the number of human and nonhuman deaths from force, whether injuring OR violent death human being and unhuman characters was rewarded or was adult web games necessary to advance indium the game, and whether destroying objects was rewarded or required to advance in the back, although we did not code the end of objects atomic number 3 force. To quantify the come of blood, we noticeable whether each second of bet on toy depicted blood and promote identified whether apiece endorse portrayed human being OR nonhuman rakehell. We did not code rip As vitamin A delineation of wound unless the profligate came from antiophthalmic factor known act of force. We also noticeable whether the back portrayed the mutilation Oregon severing of body parts. To measure the total of sexual themes, we noticeable whether for each one second of game play depicted sexual behaviors, sexual negotiation, and/or nakedness. We too noticeable the sex of the characters involved and whether the player could play to each one game as axerophthol male person or female character. To quantify profanity, we counted to each one occurrence and noticeable the specific gesture or word(sulphur ) used. We noticeable whether the profanity occurred In the game As negotiation, scripted textual matter, OR song lyrics. To quantify the total of alcoholic beverage, tobacco, and drugs in the pun, we noticeable whether each second of stake fiddle delineated some type of subject matter, and we separately noted whether apiece second involved message use. Finally, we counted the add up of seconds of game toy with that represented play.

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